Finished. An online “#kampaiwithsake 2020”on October 1st!
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Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2020

September 26th (Sat) to October 4th (Sun) is “‘Kampai with Sake’ Week”

Thursday, October 1st 2020 is “Sake Day”. For “Kampai with Sake’ Week”– nine days before and after (Saturday September 26th to Sunday, October 4th), we will hold a “Kampai with Sake Across Japan” event! “Kampai!” means “Cheers!” in Japanese and we want all participants to have fun doing “Kampai” with sake. This year welcomes our 6th “Kampai” event in collaboration with prefectural sake brewers’ associations, breweries, liquors stores, and restaurants from all over Japan.

An online “Kampai with Sake” will be held nationwide at 19:00 on October 1st.

We invite you to post photos of you toasting with sake, enjoying a sake event or drinking at a restaurant, or even just your drinking setup at home with hashtag “#kampaiwithsake” on Twitter or Instagram.
Also, on “Sake Day” – Thursday, October 1st, we will host a YouTube Live stream of sake entertainment where lots of people can freely join in.
We will connect your home, stores, and event venue nationwide to our event venue, and do online “Kampai with Sake Across Japan” at 19:00.

“Kampai with Sake” – With the Hope of Uniting People

Originally, sake was considered to be a sacred offering to the Gods. “Kampai ceremony has the hope that people will unite”.We hope that “Kampai with Sake” will reaffirm our cultural background to unite, pray, and give thanks in this “new lifestyle of 2020” even if we are far away each other.
Corona virus crisis has dealt a huge blow to sake breweries, restaurants, liquor stores, and others all over the country. There are still many people battling hard on the frontline. Through “Kampai with Sake Week,” we ask not only sake lovers but also those of legal age who don’t usually drink sake to join us to encourage sake, and hopefully unite by toasting together.

What is October 1st’s “Sake Day”?

In Japan, the Chinese Zodiac of 12 animals, was originally used to represent the months of the year. The 10th, the “rooster”, is represented with the character 「酉」 and is read as “tori (bird)”. However, it was originally the symbol representing the shape of a jar, meaning “sake or liquor.”

October is when the new rice is harvested and when the sake making begins. Therefore, October 1st was said to be the New Year’s Day of sake brewing.

JSS has set October 1st as “Sake Day” in 1978 with the wish to impart the identity of sake, the national beverage of Japan, to future generations and to deepen the love and understanding for it.

“#kampaiwithsake” Photo posting is finished.
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Post your photos of you toasting with sake, enjoying sake at an event or restaurant, or even drinking at your dining room table and add #kampaiwithsake to join in via the form on our website, Twitter, or Instagram! The act of toasting “kampai!” is an act of uniting and bringing people together. From sake lovers to amateur sake drinkers, all can come together, even from far away, with “Kampai with Sake.”

#kampaiwithsake” Photo is being released
(September 1st to October 4th, 2020)

The restaurant list of #Kampaiwithsake!

The restaurant list of the Let's "Kampai with Sake" Week.
Join in the events at restaurants, and "Let's KAMPAI with Sake!"
Check out takeout and delivery.

炭火串焼 まる和




和酒バル KIRAZ

東京都目黒区三田2丁目9−5 1F

ブエナ ビスタ トーキョー




日本酒バル どろん




大黒屋深沢 sakeてらす

東京都中央区日本橋久松町13-5 ACE日本橋ビル 3階


東京都渋谷区恵比寿2-9-2 AW 恵比寿 1F

The GATE 水天宮前


いばらきバル ta-bell 公式情報

東京都江戸川区東葛西5-13-1マインコーポ 104







酒ずき くらのすけ



東京都千代田区丸の内3-5-1 東京国際フォーラム

kakuuchi cafe futaba










樽一 本店




酒好房 かえでの杜


日本酒原価酒蔵 人形町店


日本酒原価酒蔵 神保町店


日本酒原価酒蔵 新宿東口店


日本酒原価酒蔵 新宿総本店

東京都新宿区西新宿7丁目2−5 TH西新宿ビル B1

日本酒原価酒蔵 宇田川町店

東京都渋谷区宇田川町16−8 渋谷センタービル B1F

日本酒原価酒蔵 五反田店

東京都品川区西五反田1-17-6 GRIO五反田ビル2F

秋田純米酒処 msb Tamachi店




肉バル&魚バル KATSUO 立川店




蒲田ビストロ ほいさっさ



東京都中央区-日本橋室町4-3-16 柳屋太洋ビル1階



三重テラス イタリアン&カフェ


日本酒原価酒蔵 新橋本店

東京都港区新橋3丁目8−5 さとべんビル B1F



日本酒原価酒蔵 新橋二号店

東京都港区新橋1丁目18−13 トミタビル 1F

本家あべや 東京駅北町ダイニング店


日本酒原価酒蔵 虎ノ門店

東京都港区西新橋1丁目22−10 西新橋アネックスビル B1F



日本酒原価酒蔵 秋葉原店


本家あべや 神楽坂店


日本酒原価酒蔵 上野御徒町店

東京都台東区上野3丁目20−7 ヨコハマビル

本家あべや ムスブ田町店


日本酒原価酒蔵 錦糸町店

東京都墨田区江東橋3丁目11−3 TC第43南口ビル 1F

The list of the “#kampaiwithsake” events

The restaurant list of the Let’s KAMPAI with Sake events.
Join in the events at restaurants, and “Let’s KAMPAI with Sake!”

Event List

Live Streaming

The #kampaiwithsake Across Japan 2020

■ According to the new normal of 2020, we will deliver a Youtube live streaming event which any one can participate from all over the world.

■ An online “#kampaiwithsake” will be held worldwide at 19:00 Japan time.

■ High quality live event will be delivered from the venue (Hareza Ikebukuro Live Theater “harevutai”) with the latest live dirstribution equipment.

■ Your chat on You Tube Live and the posting with hashtag #kampaiwithsake on Twitter will be welcomed. We are aiming for two-way communication unique to Live distribution.

Date: October 1st, 2020(thu)

Part 1 16:30〜18:00 Seminars, Talk sessions

・Sake culture, charm of sake, ways to enjoy sake from foreigner’s point of view.
・Present and future of sake ~How the future of sake change ” with” and “after” COVID-19~

・Christopher Hughes / Sake Educator (UK)
・Ryuji Ikoma / Clear inc. CEO
・Youichi Ito / Economic journalist
・Iris Woo / Artist Model from Malaysia

Part 2 18:30〜20:00 Sake entertainment

・Film show “Smile with sake”
・KAGAMIBIRAKI (the ritual of breaking open sake barrels)
・Greetings from the organizer and Countdown
・The #kampaiwithsake Across Japan at 19:00
・Live performance / Integration of traditional art with the latest high-tech equipments
・Gift for the audience, etc.

Sakura men / Performance group to play Japanese musical instruments

MC : Aya Amelia Kodama / Talent

Fee: Free
How to watch ? Live streaming on YouTube
Link will be on the official web site and the official SNS site.
What to prepare: Sake (please prepare by yourself) and water (please don’t drink excessively).

“#kampaiwithsake 2020” End of recruitment of events & registered stores.
(Thank you for your application)
(Thank you for your application)

◎“Kampai with Sake” Event Registration

Event organizers who plan to do “Kampai with Sake” event during “Kampai with Sake Week (September 26th – October 4th)” can register the event via the form below and event information will be posted on the website. Both online and actual events may be posted.
Please read “How to Register” carefully before registering with the form linked below.

◎“Kampai with Sake” Event Registration

We’re looking for bars, restaurants, and liquor shops who organize Kampai event during “‘Kampai with Sake’ Week (September 26th – October 4th)” or who do a Kampai toast on “Sake Day” (October 1st) at 19:00 (7:00PM) together with our YouTube LIVE.
In order to search your shops easily, we will use the app “Save the Tables”
Please read “What’s ‘Save the Tables’?” carefully and register via the form below. Both owners and customers may register.

What’s “Save the Tables”?

“Save the Tables” is a web app with a wish to protect Japanese dining table (for restaurants, dining, etc).
Their goal is to offer information infrastructure to support Japanese dining via take-out, delivery, etc.
If you register via the form bellow, your shop & event information and website link will be posted. Take-out and delivery information, as well as your guidelines correspondence for safe eating-in can also be displayed.

Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2020
Download the official flyers below. (A4 size)

National Version without blank(Japanese)
National Version with blank(Japanese)
National Version without blank(English)

Adobe Reader is necessary for browsing PDF file.
You can click the link below to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

Make Online Drinking Parties Even More Fun!

Would you like to start new conversations through sake?
If you join an online drinking party, you can talk to lots of people, have fun, connect, and share with your friends in different places despite the distance.
Enjoy an online drinking party in whatever style you like!

Style #1

Buy a bottle of sake and support the sake brewery!

Having a special sake on hand can make your “online drinking party” at home even more enjoyable. In 2020, the coronavirus crisis severely damaged breweries, restaurants, and liquor shops around the country. However, you can buy a bottle of sake and support sake breweries nationwide!

Style #2

Use Take-out and Delivery!

Take-out and delivery services from restaurants have been firmly established everywhere. Bring the flavors of a shop home to your table and enjoy delicious side dishes or full meals with sake! To relieve from the coronavirus crisis, restaurants are now able sell sake by weight through take-out with a temporary license! You can get your hands on a small amount of hard-to-come-by sakes. Why not make drinking at home a little more luxurious?

Style #3

Have fun with virtual backgrounds!

”Kampai with Sake Across Japan!” has prepared our own original backgrounds. Download them from here to make your online drinking party even more unique and exciting!

※Please note backgrounds may not be available depending on the model and version of your device.

We will update the information of Kampai event,
so please press like botton and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


The culture and charm of sake from the perspective of foreigners, and how to taste it

Current status and future of sake

Kampai with Sake Across Japan!2020 Part2 Digest

Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2019

Nihonshu Dance -All Over The World- October 1st

Sake Dance

“Let’s Kampai with Sake”

“Smile with sake”

Let’s Drink at Home
“Volunteers from 18 breweries”

Pass the baton! 47 Prefectures Kampai Relay
“Japanese Sake and Shochu All Stars (from 64 breweries)”