Finished. An online”#kampaiwithsake 2021″ on October 1st.
Thank you for your participation.

Connecting the world with sake on October 1st
– “Sake Day”

Friday, October 1st 2021 is “Sake Day.” For “‘Kampai with Sake’ Week” – nine days before and after (Saturday September 25th to Sunday, October 3rd), we will hold a “Kampai with Sake Across Japan” event! “Kampai!” means “Cheers!” in Japanese and we want all participants to have fun doing “Kanpai” with sake. This year welcomes our 7th “Kampai” event in collaboration with prefectural sake brewers’ associations, breweries, liquors stores, and restaurants from all over Japan.

What is “Sake Day”?


Check STEP 1 to 4 and kanpai with sake at your favorite place! Be considerate of others and yourself, and get along well with alcohol!


Enjoy videos of last year's events and sake dance.

“Let's Kampai with Sake” Video Letter Oct 1st SakeDay

The culture and charm of sake from the perspective of foreigners, and how to taste it

Current status and future of sake

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Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2019

Nihonshu Dance -All Over The World- October 1st

Sake Dance

“Let’s Kampai with Sake”

“Smile with sake”

Let’s Drink at Home “Volunteers from 18 breweries”

Pass the baton! 47 Prefectures Kampai Relay “Japanese Sake and Shochu All Stars (from 64 breweries)”