Kampai with Sake Across Japan – Online #kampaiwithsake2021


1. Panel Discussion “The Future of Japanese Sake Design”

This will be a discussion about writing the future of sake, reaffirming the tangible and intangible value of it, and the expectations for the craft, diversity, and internationalization of sake from the unique perspective of four panelists.

2. Kampai with Sake” Relay and Kagami-Biraki

From sake samurai, sake stylists, supporters, etc., video letters of sake ambassadors from all over the world toasting with sake will play (a total of 30 people, 3 minutes 5 seconds each). In additions, performers will perform “kagami-biraki (a traditional opening of a sake cask at ceremonies)” in the studio.

3. Live Relay Broadcasting from Event Venues and Shops

Live broadcasts will be made from event venues and restaurants nationwide to show the state of the toast across the country.

4. Connect with a nationwide #kampaiwithsake2021 at 19:00

In conjunction with the live stream, raise your voices and unite at 19:00 together with others at home, venues, and restaurants nationwide with a “kampai!” with sake. #kampaiwithsake2021 photo submissions will also be addressed on SNS.

5. Virtual Background Screen Layout

To avoid crowds, participants in the panel discussions, live discussions, local live broadcasts, and in-studio performers will also appear on screen with virtual backgrounds.

Date & Time:Friday, October 1st,
2021 17:30~19:30

【Time Schedule】

17:30 Opening Talk, The Significance of Toasting with Sake

17:37 Panel Discussion

18:40 Kampai with Sake Relay, Kagami-Biraki

18:50 Live Broadcasts

18:57 Greetings from the Organizers, Countdown

19:00 Nationwide Kampai with Sake #kampaiwithsake2021

19:05 Live Broadcasts from Restaurants

19:20 Chat Exchange & Information of Hashtag Submission Gifts

19:27 Closing Words

19:30 Finished



・ Masahara Sawa (Director of Sake Museum)

・ Sebastian Le Moanne (French sake expert)

・ Kenichi Watanabe (valued designer)

・ Miyu Matsuzaki (2021 Miss SAKE Grand Prix)


・ Aya Amelia Kodama (Actress, Talent)

How to Watch:

1. Via the official website

2. Via YouTube LIVE (open to the public): on the Japan Sake Brewery Association Central Association channel

3. Via Twitter Live (open to the public): on the Kampai with Sake Across Japan! account

Viewing Fee: Free