What is October 1st’s “Sake Day”?

  • ●In Japan, the Chinese Zodiac of 12 animals, was originally used to represent the months of the year.
  • ●The 10th, the “rooster”, is represented with the character 「酉」 and is read as “tori (bird)”. However, it was originally the symbol representing the shape of a jar, meaning “sake or liquor.”
  • ●JSS has set October 1st as “Sake Day” in 1978 with the wish to impart the identity of sake, the national beverage of Japan, to future generations and to deepen the love and understanding for it.
  • ●Originally, sake was considered to be a sacred offering to the Gods. “Kampai ceremony has the hope that people will unite”.

Kampai with Sake Across Japan! 2021

September 25th (Saturday) – October 3rd (Sunday) is “‘Kampai with Sake’ Week”

Friday, October 1st 2020 is “Sake Day.” For “‘Kampai with Sake’ Week” – nine days before and after (Saturday September 25th to Sunday, October 3rd), we will hold a “Kampai with Sake Across Japan” event! “Kampai!” means “Cheers!” in Japanese and we want all participants to have fun doing “Kanpai” with sake. This year welcomes our 7th “Kampai” event in collaboration with prefectural sake brewers’ associations, breweries, liquors stores, and restaurants from all over Japan.

An online “Kanpai with Sake” will be held nationwide at 19:00 on October 1st.

Submit your photos of you toasting with sake, enjoying sake at a restaurant or events, or even drinking at your dining room table via Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag “#kampaiwithsake2021”. The best photos will receive a drink comparison set and others have the chance to win official goods by lottery.
In addition, on “Sake Day”, October 1st, we will have an online YouTube LIVE streaming event so many people can freely join and have fun. Connect via events, bars, restaurants, or online at your own home for a nationwide “kampai!” together at 19:00.

Connecting the world via sake on Sake Day

Originally, sake was considered to be a sacred offering to the Gods. The wish to connect and unite people is also a part of the “kampai.” As the COVID-19 pandemic continues on in 2021, many people are still fighting on the front lines. Even during COVID-19, when it’s difficult to gather together, we can overcome the barriers of distance, connect, and unite nationwide and worldwide with a toast with sake on “Sake Day”.

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