How to Register for Shops

Shop owners may post information regarding their shop on this site.

◆ Shop Registration

Please fill out the designated information in the “Shop Registration Form”.

Click the confirmation button after you fill out the form. Check the input contents on the screen and click “Register Event Information” to complete the registration.

Your shop information will be posted on the site after being approved by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association(JSS)

[Caution 1]
For those who would like to add and Event Information URL to their shop information, please register the event information first. Then from the event page, please copy & paste the URL into the Event Information line.

[Caution 2]
The event page is scheduled to open on Monday, August 30th.
Those who register events before Monday, August 30th will not be able to obtain the URL. So, please submit an Shop Information Revision Request to the Executive Office to request the URL input. Thank you for your understanding.

◆ Shop Information Revision Requests・Participation Cancellation Requests

After registering your shop information, you may submit requests via the form below.
① Revision of Registered Shop Information Request
② Cancellation due to COVID-19 and/or Inability to Operate Request

Shop Information Revision or Cancellation Request Form>