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About Let‘s kampai with Sake! 2019


The Chinese zodiac is a classification scheme that assigns an animal and its reputed attributes to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. The Rooster is the 10th of the Chinese Zodiac, called [とり]in Japanese, written as 酉,which used to stand for the shape of a pot and also symbolize “liquor”. October is the harvesting month for the new rice crop and the season when breweries start making sake. In the past, sake brewing season was from October to September of the following year, thus the “sake year” started from "October the 1st“.

To pass down the culture of traditional sake to the new generation, with deep passion and devotion, Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association designated 1st,October as 'Sake Day' in 1978. The word “kampai” signifies people's wish to be unified before the god. Japanese people pay a high respect to the traditional culture, so,let`s kampai with Sake!

Entry Methods

Registration of associating restaurants and shops
for the KAMPAI with Sake events.

We have just started registration of associating with restaurants and shops for the KAMPAI with Sake events.
On the registration form on our official website, please enter the information of your restaurant and website. It will be added to the Participating Restaurants List.
Take a KAMPAI with Sake photos and post them from the [KAMPAI Posting Form] of the official website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Let's KAMPAI with Sake events

The restaurant list of the Let's KAMPAI with Sake events.
Join in the events at restaurants, and "Let's KAMPAI with Sake!"

Event in Tokyo

Let‘s kampai with Sake! 2019 in Ebisu

18:30~20:30 Tue,1st,Oct,2019
JR Yamatote Line Ebisu Sta, East Exit, 7mins’walk.
Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ebisu Sta, No.1 Exit, 9mins’walk.
Attendee number
200 people(A selection will be held when it is above 200 people)
2000Yen/person(tax included) ※Student discount/1000Yen(tax included)
※Including food and alcohol beverage(sake tasting comparing )
■「Let's Kampai with Sake!」will be on air on Youtube at
■A tasting comparing about sake and food from 47 prefectures in Japan
■360°panoramic video experience and music performance.

You can browse the information of KAMPAI events all over the world.

Registration is closed


Let's KAMPAI with Sake!
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