Why is SAKE DAY October 1st?

The new rice crop of the year will be ripe and gold in October!
It will be ready to get harvested. Sake breweries all over Japan start the process of making Sake.
October in Chinese and Japanese zodiac character is 酉(“Tori”-A chicken)
which originally means Sake or a jar of Sake.
For these two reasons, 1 of October has been set as “Sake Day”.

The fun event “Kampai! with Sake! 2022” is held all around Japan.
Let’s enjoy “Kampai! (Toast)” and taste of Sake during “Kampai! with Sake Week” forten days from
September 23 (Fri. National holiday) through October 2 (Sun.) 2022, including October 1 (Sat.), “Sake Day”.
The event will be held in cooperation with prefectural Sake and Shochu Makers Associations,
sake breweries, restaurants, and liquor stores throughout Japan.

The List of the Campaigns

Enroll in two following campaigns and enjoy “Sake Day” even more!
A total of 1,203 winners will win selected local Sake or QUO CARD PAY!

The 1st prize

Follow & Retweet to win! “Kampai! with Sake” Twitter Campaign

2022/9/1 10:00 ~ 2022/9/22 23:59

Winners: 101 people!

the limited designed QUO CARD PAY

101 winners will be selected by lot from among those who follow the official account of the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association (JSS) and those who retweet specific tweets. The winners will get 1,001yen worth the limited designed QUO CARD PAY!

The 2nd prize

Purchase more than 2,000 yen of Japanese Sake and apply with your receipt! “Kampai! with Sake” Present Campaign

2022/9/23 10:00 ~ 2022/10/31 23:59

1,001 winners + 101 more winners

selected Japanese Sake or unique “Masu” Sake cup

1,001 winners will receive a bottle of selected Japanese Sake from all over Japan!
※You cannot choose the brand.
The second chance! 101 more winners will receive a unique “Masu” Sake cup!

Special Event

You tube LIVE event will be held on “Sake Day” October 1 (Sat.), 2022!
Look forward to a special guest scheduled to participate in the event!
Date: October 1, 2022 6:00pm - 7:40pm (Tentative)



“Kampai! with Sake” Secretariat