Considerate Drinking <5 Customs of Drinking Sake>

Enjoy “Sake Day” together while being considerate of your surroundings, yourself and others!
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Safe drinking

Be considerate of others and yourself, and get along well with others over alcohol!

“Five Tips for Safe Drinking”

1. Set rules in a short time with a small number of people

Let’s limit the number of people and time to make it a fun party next time!

2. Slowly take the right amount at your own pace

Drink sake at your own pace. Don’t force yourself and others to drink at once!

3. Sake with meals

 Sake further enhances the deliciousness of the food

4. Sake with water

 Drinking alcohol alone makes you get drunk quickly, but drinking water with alcohol makes you moderately drunk without feeling nauseous!

5. Gently observe manners

 Be careful not to have too much fun and refrain from talking too loud!

【Kampai with Sake! Week Version】

※Shows the information for September 25th ~ October 3rd, 2021 is “Kampai with Sake! Week”

【Regular Version】

※ Please use from the viewpoint of COVID-19 prevention.

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