Make Online Drinking Parties Even More Fun!

Would you like to start new conversations through sake? If you join an online drinking party, you can talk to lots of people, have fun, connect, and share with your friends in different places despite the distance. Enjoy an online drinking party in whatever style you like!

Style #1

Buy a bottle of sake and support the sake brewery!

Having a special sake on hand can make your “online drinking party” at home even more enjoyable. In 2021, the coronavirus crisis severely damaged breweries, restaurants, and liquor shops around the country. However, you can buy a bottle of sake and support sake breweries nationwide!

Style #2

Use Take-out and Delivery!

Take-out and delivery services from restaurants have been firmly established everywhere. Bring the flavors of a shop home to your table and enjoy delicious side dishes or full meals with sake! To relieve from the coronavirus crisis, restaurants are now able sell sake by weight through take-out with a temporary license! You can get your hands on a small amount of hard-to-come-by sakes. Why not make drinking at home a little more luxurious?

Style #3

Have fun with virtual backgrounds!

”Kampai with Sake Across Japan!” has prepared our own original backgrounds. Download them from here to make your online drinking party even more unique and exciting!

※Please note backgrounds may not be available depending on the model and version of your device.